Warriors Fights to Improve Lives in Tanzania

Tanzania was once populated by 120 cohesive tribes. Today, there are only five. Each seeks to preserve their culture while adapting to a challenging 21st century.


The Warriors Organization believes that survival of indigenous people is more likely if they work together to solve their common problems and that creating an educational resource center will facilitate this greater collaboration.

Warriors also believes that addressing the most immediate common problem of indigenous people – the historical lack of gender equality – should be a first step on the road to long-term survival.

To help accomplish this, Warriors will seek to enable these people to:


empower women

We will provide opportunities for Maasai women to earn income and to start small businesses. 

educate girls

We will save young girls from forced child marriages by providing secondary school and college educations.

Build Resources 

We will create an educational center for the indigenous people to share knowledge and solve common problems.