About Us


Warriors was formed to help empower and sustain Tanzania's indigenous people.

Warriors Organization is a small 501(c)(3) non-profit run by a group of volunteers with big goals. Our mission is to help indigenous people preserve and sustain their cultures, document their histories, and gain access to educational, medical, legal, property, and human rights information when they need it. Our long-term objective is to provide access to these resources through a multi-cultural educational resource center where indigenous people can share ideas, identify solutions to common problems, and find a way to ensure the survival of their cultures. 

Warriors understands the problems facing indigenous people of Tanzania and have formed relationships with them. These initial dialogues confirmed the need to achieve two short-term objectives before its long-term objective could be achieved. These are the need to empower women and educate young girls in their villages as they will be a much needed resource in identifying and implementing any solutions to problems facing these cultures.

With these two short-term objectives in mind, Warrior's will begin its work at the grass-roots level – in one village. Once a successful method for achieving these two objectives is developed, it will be shared with other villages. 

Warriors' Founders
Isaya Oleporuo, Ram Stein, and Aric Gutnick

Warriors' Team
Isaya Oleporuo, Ram Stein, Nguvu Lukumay, Martha Totten, Deborah K. London

Warriors' Partners
Eluai Village, Eluai Primary School, EfforTZ Foundation, Emusoi Center, Thinkfolk

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