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Sponsoring a student is a wonderful gift that creates lasting change in that child’s life. It brings the sponsor the satisfaction of knowing that they have made a difference in the lives not only of the sponsored child, but of her current family, her future children, and their future children. Girls who are educated are also paving the way for gender equality for their generation.

The cost of sponsoring a Maasai girl's education is $1,200 a year for an 8 year period. Any amount is welcome over any period up to 8 years. You can do this by yourself or get a group together to help fund these costs. As a sponsor, you'll receive background information and a photograph of your child, plus updates on your child's progress in school for each semester as well as letters from them each semester.

Please don’t let these girls suffer the fate of so many others who came before them. Please give them the chance to hope for a bright future filled with opportunity. 

Make your sponsorship commitment today! Save girls from a forced marriage!

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