Our Projects


Warriors long-term objective to establish an effective and successful central educational resource program for indigenous people will require all parts of the indigenous communities to participate. This includes the women of the community and not just its men. 

Warriors has identified two short-term objectives that must be addressed. Both are focused on establishing gender equality, a critical need to ensure that everyone's ideas and skills are being used to address and solve the problems indigenous people face.

Warriors pathway to gender equality at the grass-roots level in one Maasai village is two-pronged: empowering village women and educating young girls. 

Women's Empowerment Program

Providing women with opportunities to earn income and start small businesses is how Warriors believes women will be able to raise a strong and respected voice within their families and their communities going forward. 

Young Girls Education Program

Saving young girls from forced marriage an giving them opportunity to attend secondary school and college in order to build better lives and opportunities is Warriors continuing objective for   this vibrant program. 

Resource Building PRogram

Creating an educational resource center for indigenous people to use in the future is Warriors last objective. It has begun to tell the story of these people and raise funds to help finance the educational resource center.