Resource Building Program

Warriors long-term goal is to build a multi-cultural Educational Resource Center in Tanzania that will be a gathering place for indigenous people to share knowledge, identify and resolve common issues, and document their cultures The three principal focus areas for the Educational Resource Center will be:


Documenting histories

Warriors will document the culture, values, traditions and customs of the indigenous people. We will also offer areas where they can display historical information and artifacts.

strengthening Cultures

Warriors will identify common issues among the indigenous people, facilitate discussion, help formulate solutions, and encourage uniform actions to address these issues.


Providing Resources

Warriors will offer medical services, information on property and human rights, legal services, and educational programs for youths and visitors about our indigenous people.

The outcomes we expect from this building the Educational Resource Center include:

  • enhanced cultural cohesiveness,
  • reduced infant mortality,
  • expanded youth education, and
  • increased individual and property rights

As this is a long-term, global, and multi-cultural initiative, our initial project effort will be to begin to tell the story of these indigenous people. To learn more about how you can help us take this first step on the road to creating the Educational Resource Center, please learn how you can help at Spread the Word.