Safari with us

A safari is an adventure and a safari with the Warriors Organization is unique. While it can take you and your family or friends to the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater, the national parks of Tanzania, and a Maasai village, it is different from most other safaris. It is led by genuine Maasai tour guides. And, the Maasai village that you will visit is one that is seldom visited by tourists. Your guide will speak fluent English as well as Maa, the language of the Maasai. You’ll meet members of the village, parents of young girls that Warriors is helping educate, and you may be able to meet some of the young Maasai girls on scholarship if your visit is during a school recess.

Warriors also offers the opportunity for school sponsored Educational Safari's for small groups of students to gain significant enrichment in the life and culture of the Maasai as well the beauty of Tanzania itself. 

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