Meet our Team

The members of the Warriors team are all familiar with the rich histories and cultures of Tanzania's indigenous people. We are also aware of the profound challenges they face today and into the future. It is our belief that we can help these people build better futures. That is why we have joined together to form Warriors.

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Isaya oleporuo

Isaya is one of Tanzania's most charismatic young leaders. Born in the remote village of Eluai, he was raised to become a Maasai warrior and chief, receiving no formal education. Isaya's establishment of Warriors' is a natural extension of  his Maasai upbringing and experiences. He has spent countless hours developing and then implementing "big" ideas for his village: providing a way for village families to access clean water; giving women the opportunity to earn money and a place in family decision-making; and providing over 30 young girls with the opportunity for a secondary school education previously denied them. Isaya is enrolling in Northeastern University for his Bachelor Degree.

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Ram Stein

Ram is an international business consultant focused on strategic marketing and advertising. Ram became aware of the problems facing the indigenous people of Tanzania while pursuing a volunteer opportunity in the country several years ago. He subsequently decided to become an active participant in helping solve some of these problems with Isaya through Warriors. Ram currently resides in Israel. He is married to Liron and father to Etai. He holds an MBA with a Specialization in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship. Ram also established pickNjoy, an online store that will help the Warriors sell the Masai jewelry worldwide.

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Nguvu lukumay

Nguvu is an experienced volunteer with both Tanzanian and international non-profits. He has participated in major fund raising events, worked as part of an effective team ensuring the safety and security of volunteers working in remote areas of Tanzania, assisting in the collection of wildlife conservation data, and providing safe transport of young Maasai girls  with Warriors' scholarships to and from school. Unlike most Maasai men, Nguvu has completed both primary and secondary school and has studied and earned a Certificate in Tourism and Tour Guide Management. He currently volunteers with both EfforTZ Foundation and Warriors.



martha totten

Martha has been making, selling and teaching others how to make beaded jewelry for years, always wishing she could find a way to benefit others with these skills. Then she met Isaya. From him, she learned that the Maasai women of Eluai Village wanted to learn more beading techniques to better market their jewelry. With that small bit of information, she sprang into action. Martha decided to travel to Tanzania to visite Eluai, and introduce the Maasai women to new beading techniques, learned how to design Maasai jewelry herself, and made amazing new friends, in spite of the language barrier. Upon her return, she joined Warrriors. She sees Warriors as an organization that can help change the lives of the Maasai as well as the volunteers who work with Warriors.


deborah k. london

Biography for Deborah K. London/ Debbie London, PhD
Professor & Chair of Communication Studies

Deborah London is a full time Professor of Communication at MassBay Community College in Wellesley Hills, MA. Over the years, her teaching experience has ranged from Yale University and Merrimack College to institutions in China, Korea, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.
Dr. London has authored and produced nearly twenty professional papers and publications on topics as varied as Building Community by Making Compassion Accessible, and Student Workbook for Understanding interpersonal Communication, to The Construction of Realty through Language: Women Living with Multiple Sclerosis. In addition, A Practical Introduction to Communication for Community College and Beyond is her first textbook due out August, 2018.
She completed her undergraduate studies in Speech Communication at Syracuse University; her graduate work includes an M.A. in Communication Studies from Emerson College, and a Ph.D & Women’s Studies Certificate in Interpersonal and Health Communication from Ohio University. She lives with her husband in Auburndale, MA.